Dr. Lohit Malik

PGI June 2016 Rank 1

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”. Sharing my success story, to begin with, I would like to highlight few things that encouraged me throughout my journey. I always wondered how hard the people might be working to get into their dream institute like PGI and AIIMS. I also made my daily schedule and started preparing accordingly. Giving equal time to each and every subject (Especially clinicians). Making notes and highlighting the important points helped me a lot. Try to convert your weakness into strength. I would say consistency is the key to success. As it happened in my case, I was consistent throughout my whole journey, which was a bit longer than I thought. Gave my first exam, AIIMS Nov.2013, got 1071 Rank, Gave my last exam, PGI June 2016,Got 1st rank. Number of things happened with me during this 3 yrs time span that really helped me to reach my goal. Firm determination, consistency and flexibility were my key to success making my daily schedule, following it regularly, before going to bed : 15-20 min revision of what I read whole day, helped me in quicker and easier grasping of things. Making notes from standard text books